Niðavellir Shipyard

The Nidavellir Shipyard is a large UCM Shipyard hidden far away from any planetary system.
After the scattering of humans after the first Scourge attack many ships used their ftl drives and made an random Foldspace jump just to get away. Many of this ships found themselves alone in the dark, to close to a star or a black hole and perished but some made it to an empty place in space. And that’s how the Nidavellir belt was discovered. A collection of large rocks, asteroids in different sizes and collection of dust and sand. Exactly how this place come to be, far from any sun, placed in between systems is not known. It is believed it was created after an extremely unlikely collision of two larger celestial body, with no stronger gravity pull in the vicinity this collection of minerals and rocks have held together by their own combined pull of each other. The scatter of large rocks and the natural background radioactivity have created a hiding place. After the survivors made contact with the now formed UCM the area have been put to good use.

Named after the Norse mythology Nidavellir, the world of the dwarves, for its rich mineral and metal resources. Perfectly for foundries and a large shipyard complex.

This is the place to produce ships...

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Dropfleet Commander AAR, UCM vs PHR

Here are a short AAR from my second game of Dropfleet Commander and again against my friend Filips PHR.
We got a little more  brushes of paint on the miniatures since last game and we managed to read some more in the rulebook which did speed up the game.
I know we missed some rules but we are slowly getting better and didnt have to flip the rulebook as much as last time.

UCM fleet moves out...

The PHR close in on the humans.

My Berlin class cruiser and its two Toulouse frigate escorts.
A better picture of the nose art at the end of this post.

My New Orleans close in on the middle cluster to deploy troops with the Berlin and the two Toulouse in close behind, the Moscow class heavy cruiser sneaks behind some debris and the Seattle class carrier closes in.
Enemy deploys fighter protection but I elect to send bomber squadrons against a bigger ship.

A closer look at my Seattle class carrier, its still work in progress but the "Battlestar Galactica" symbol can be seen. :)

The Moscow closes in...

 Ships are getting ready to deploy ground troops...

Enemy deployed a armoured formation so I elected to deploy an armoured formation on my own as well as infantry in another sector do capture the military base with its guns so I can shoot at enemy spaceships from the ground...

I played way to aggressive with my Seattle and the PHR used this to take her down. My Moscow had instead moved to far and she moved past the PHR faster then I would have liked with all those big guns...
This would be the theme of this game, the Moscow was constantly badly placed

The Berlin finishes of the already damaged enemy heavy cruiser.

In the fight on the ground my tank formation was triumphant and I actually managed to take out the enemy ship, granted it was badly damaged before but still...
So a total success at the middle sector.

The Berlin goes down burning...

The Moscow class heavy cruiser totally dominates the space above the sector with its massive tonnage, giving me the points for the aerial control.

And here I did something wrong... I deployed troops after moving full speed with a special order. You can only deploy assets if you are able to shoot with guns but the movement special order stops you from shooting that turn.
I would still have the aerial control with the New Orleans resulting in a victory, but just.

A small small victory for the UCM, huzza...

Here are some work in progress pictures of my UCM fleet.

Moscow class heavy cruiser with "tiger mouth" nose art.

Berlin class cruiser "Hot Babe" in the middle.
The Seattle class carrier got the "Battlestar Galactica" logo painted in read on it.

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