Niðavellir Shipyard

The Nidavellir Shipyard is a large UCM Shipyard hidden far away from any planetary system.
After the scattering of humans after the first Scourge attack many ships used their ftl drives and made an random Foldspace jump just to get away. Many of this ships found themselves alone in the dark, to close to a star or a black hole and perished but some made it to an empty place in space. And that’s how the Nidavellir belt was discovered. A collection of large rocks, asteroids in different sizes and collection of dust and sand. Exactly how this place come to be, far from any sun, placed in between systems is not known. It is believed it was created after an extremely unlikely collision of two larger celestial body, with no stronger gravity pull in the vicinity this collection of minerals and rocks have held together by their own combined pull of each other. The scatter of large rocks and the natural background radioactivity have created a hiding place. After the survivors made contact with the now formed UCM the area have been put to good use.

Named after the Norse mythology Nidavellir, the world of the dwarves, for its rich mineral and metal resources. Perfectly for foundries and a large shipyard complex.

This is the place to produce ships...

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Introductions and ramblings i guess

Well hello everyone and let me be the first to say welcome to our blog. I thought I'd introduce myself and the reason and story behind this blog. This blog has be in the pipes for a long time and should have been online as Dropfleet was introduced. But as with everything in life speedbumps and unforseen problems happen. This will be quite a long post so if you don't feel like reading alot you can ignore this.

I don't think I really need to describe myself more than that I love spaceships and spaceship games.

My working desk
I was really hooked when GW launched their Battle Fleet Gothic game and just as let down when they let it die. So when I heard that Hawk were doing a spaceship game i was over the moon with anticipation. As the kickstarter started I was glued to my computor and mobil, checking and rechecking everything and adding more and more to my pledge. The hype was high and I couldn't wait until it was released. As the problems with the kickstarter started to show themself I was patient and I still hade high hopes for it. But when the retail models went out and I hadn't gotten my stuff I started to get irritated. And the constant lack of communication from hawk was starting to eat away at my interest for the game. But I stayed patient.

Anyway my stuff arrived at last and all the negative feelings disappeared like dust. All the motivation and hype I'd felt before came back.

All the loot 

Here's where the problems started. The backlash to hawk about the kickstarter flowed over to our DZC players as well.. Resulting in players quiting the game or going over to other game systems as 40k and 30k or seeking yet other games. In a flash the potential playerbase for DFC dried up to nothing and I felt.....lonely. I was half way in painting my PHR fleet and all my motivation died. I put everything in boxes and slowly went over to the 30k scene. It felt like 600 euro down the toilet :(

The PHR ship trees
 Well a couple of months went by and then I one of my friends started to talk about the game again , I knew he had invested in DFC as I did but I was to let down to care at the moment. But it sparked something in me again. We set up a date for a test game and started our first demo game using the UCM and PHR starterpacks.

And it was fun and it was fun to find someone that liked the game as I did. And we played more and I was back again, i bought more ships and I bought the stuff others had pledged for. As we battled it out we started talking about a blog, a blog to show our interests and to ultimately find more people to play with. And here we are.

 Okey so thats the background, sorry for rambling but it felt good to tell the story.

So the blog will feature:
  • The expansion of our DFC forces.
  • Storybased campaigns
  • Articles on tournaments
  • Painting and converting tips
And much more.......

We have a homesystem that all our forces are stationed at, which we will expand on both in history and story. This system is the same as our DZC players have so we will try to interlink the two gamesystems.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and i hope you will enjoy the blog.


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  1. Great read Filip.
    Feels really good to take up this game now after the rather bad start left over from the kickstarter.
    Lots of fun miniatures and we got this nice starsystem to explore...