Niðavellir Shipyard

The Nidavellir Shipyard is a large UCM Shipyard hidden far away from any planetary system.
After the scattering of humans after the first Scourge attack many ships used their ftl drives and made an random Foldspace jump just to get away. Many of this ships found themselves alone in the dark, to close to a star or a black hole and perished but some made it to an empty place in space. And that’s how the Nidavellir belt was discovered. A collection of large rocks, asteroids in different sizes and collection of dust and sand. Exactly how this place come to be, far from any sun, placed in between systems is not known. It is believed it was created after an extremely unlikely collision of two larger celestial body, with no stronger gravity pull in the vicinity this collection of minerals and rocks have held together by their own combined pull of each other. The scatter of large rocks and the natural background radioactivity have created a hiding place. After the survivors made contact with the now formed UCM the area have been put to good use.

Named after the Norse mythology Nidavellir, the world of the dwarves, for its rich mineral and metal resources. Perfectly for foundries and a large shipyard complex.

This is the place to produce ships...

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Military Salvage ship

I kitbashed some bits over from the sprues and build me a special ship.

The idea is that it is an military ship with good armour and some small weaponry but mainly for self defence.
It will be tasked with ship salvaging, rescue stranded ship crews in highly dangerous areas of space.
If in extreme circumstances it is able to overcharge its tractor beams to inflict some extra damages at close range at vulnerable parts as its enemies are torn apart.

The ship is constructed with survivability in mind and all that extra thick armour have meant that extra scanners had to be sacrificed and all that extra weight from the thick armour meant that the engines are underdimensioned for a ship of this size and are slower then standard UCM ships. Although strong they cant accelerate as fast as standard UCM ships. 

Design wise the main hull is were the crew quarters and command deck is located, it has two smaller doors on top and larger doors that leads directly to hangar bays at the front. This is to give the crew an fast access to deploy engineering equipment or armed combat engineers when that task is needed. There are two larger hangars on the sides, in front of these are large tractor beams located for catching and transporting larger damaged ships or asteroids. Those large hangars are also meant to be used as transportation areas for smaller debris fields or scraps but can be used to transport supplies and goods. 

Painting wise I gave the ship orange identification marks on a darker military grey base.
(click on the pictures to get a larger pic)

Its hard to tell on this pictures but the main hull larger hangar doors have been given yellow and black hazard stripes.

Same hazard stripes can be seen on the top doors.

Military Salvage ship

Scan Sig Thrust Hull A PD G T Special
Military Salvage ship 4" 6" 7" 6 3+ (4+?) 3 1 M Launch

Lock Attack Damage Arc Special

UF-2200 Mass driver turret
4+ 1 1 F/S(L)

UF-2200 Mass driver turret
4+ 1 1 F/S(R) 

Baracuda Missile bays
4+ 2 1 F/S/R Close action
Overcharged tractor beams
5+ 2 1 F Close action, Impale 1

Launch Special

Dropships - combat engineers 1 Infantry only

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